Micrograph Competition

Micrograph Competition Guidelines
1. Only registered conference participants are eligible to participate in this competition.
2. Overall dimension of each image shall not be more than 6.6” x 10.6” (16.8cm x 26.9cm) in landscape orientation. Please download the template here.
3. Micrograph entry must be of a single image taken with either light/confocal, or electron microscopy and may not be significantly altered. It can be in color or black and white.
4. Contestants may submit more than one (1) entry. (max. 3 entries)
5. Contestants shall bring their micrograph(s) and mount on the display boards provided on the first day of the conference and remove it on the last day of the conference.
6. The micrographic image should be distinct, microscopically clear and taken not before year 2012.
7. Submitted entry shall be accompanied by an abstract consisting of title, brief description of the micrograph and the microscopy technique used as required in the registration form.
8. The competition will be divided into 6 categories:
A. Light and Confocal Microscopy
    Physical Sciences
  i. Life Sciences
B. Scanning Electron Microscopy
  i. Physical Sciences
  ii. Life Sciences
C. Transmission Electron Microscopy – Physical Sciences
  i. Physical Sciences
  ii. Life Sciences
9. The submitted micrograph image shall be an original image captured in a research institution in Malaysia.
10. The submitted micrograph image should have never won any awards in previous Scientific Conference of the Microscopy Society Malaysia or any national/international micrograph competition.
11. Winners will be announced during the closing ceremony. The organizing committee reserves the right to keep the winning photomicrograph or to exhibit the winning photomicrographs elsewhere.
12. Registration form for the micrograph competition should be submitted before 1st Nov. 2015 by submitting the registration form through email to the secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Click here for registration form.